About Us

Little boats, big difference!!! Rubberduck Watersports Co., Limited  aims to make and supply

high quality inflatable boats, RIBs and related watersports products. Our boats are made out

of highly airtight and durable marine fabric coated on both sides with PVC imported from Korean.


Rubberduck inflatable boats are designed to be light weight, portable,  and with incredible

stability on the water. The boyancy of inflatable  boats with large pontoons give the boat a low

centre of gravity, offering the boats a much greater payload capacity than a traditional boats and

making the inflatable boat one of the safest boats.


Our products include iSUPs,RIBs, sports boat, banana boats, inflatable

catamaran, racing cat, leisure inflatables etc. Please contact us for

more information about our products.


Only our boats are inflatable not our price.